Moto X Pure (Moto X Style) Edition Review!


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With the changes in both leadership and size, does the Moto X Pure Edition (aka Moto X Style) still retain the Motorola experience we’ve all come to know and love?

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  1. NOOB ALERT! I've never ordered a phone online. So once I order this and how would I activate it? Bring it to a phone company and make a deal?

  2. I just loved the Moto X Style, the only one thing that holds me back from buy one of these today is that huge screen! Come on, why Motorola can't make a smartphone with a 4.7" display for a high end product???

  3. the only thing thats holding this phone down is the size (like if you agree)only girls have there phones in there purses guys have to were them in there pockets.

  4. This phone basically has the specs of the LG G4 and coming from an LG G4, it will last you a decent time (all dependent on gaming time) and I am thinking of changing from the G4 to this phone, even though the camera may be a downgrade (still good enough camera).

  5. Is there anything like Moto assist on other phones? Is there an app that can do the same thing? I'm physically disabled and they hands-free experience with Moto phones has been essential for me. But I feel like I'm locked to a specific brand. I'm aware Google now is basically on every android phone but it does not work when in standby mode. Whereas the Moto phones allow you to use Google now from across the room even in standby mode. So my question is, does only Moto have this useful feature or is there an app in the Google play store that will allow me to do the same thing on other phones?

  6. I bought this phone after your careful review and I am returning this back after 3 months of use, the phone heats up while handling multiple application, UI freezes when swapping between imo, WhatsApp, maps or a few other application. never had this issue with Sony.

  7. Don't buy it! Not if you work in a loud environment and need to here
    your phone speaker! the speaker phone only uses one speaker!
    My old iphone 4 is louder! Very disappointing…

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