Moto X Pure Edition vs Nexus 6


Learn more about the new Moto X in our Moto X Pure Edition review:

They’re both oversized Android smartphones with Motorola logos, but don’t let the superficial similarity fool you. The newest Moto X is an entirely different beast than the aging Google flagship, and while we recently deemed the Nexus 6 still worth a buy when considered in a vacuum, Motorola’s newest contender might signify a sea change. The Moto X Pure Edition brings a brighter display, a better camera, higher-end hardware and more customizability than any other Android phone out there – and it sports a svelter casing and a lower price tag than the Nexus 6 to boot.

Can the Nexus 6’s few advantages –wireless charging, AMOLED display and a purer-than-pure Android experience– protect it from a trouncing by its new sibling? Which of these should you consider picking up if you’re in the market for a new Android smartphone? Find out in our Moto X Pure Edition vs Nexus 6 comparison video! Then be sure to check out our Moto X Pure Edition unboxing (also here on YouTube), and stay tuned for our full Moto X Pure Edition review, coming September 18!

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  1. wow … x completely destroyed nexus 6 in that video camera test . very very nice video recording. Time for making some movie with my new moto x

  2. Okay so here I am. Struggling between these very phones. So what should I get? I'd love to know which of the two has better battery life. Like day to day casual use. Not like all these "benchmarks" people say. I'd say a normal usage like wifi almost for 7 hours of the day open apps like facebook and watch videos on youtube and casual gaming to kill time. And music on external sources and using phone speakers and such. You know like real people doing a lot of things kinda usage. Not like exaggerated usage to just test a phones battery.

  3. I own both devices, and am currently using the X Pure as my daily driver. Both are fine devices, and will pretty much serve all your Android needs. However, there is one major factor that sets these devices apart…the active display. Even with the IR sensors disabled, Moto active display smokes the Nexus 6 Ambient display. Just a slight nudge, and Moto display does its thing. Ambient display is a bit erratic and unpredictable. Because of this, I think the Nexus 6 would be better suited for the IR sensors. I keep mine disabled on the X Pure because they're too sensitive. I definitely appreciate the lack of bloatware on both devices, though. If I had to stick with just one, and it's a tough call, I would probably go with the X Pure.

  4. Actually I like the AMOLED on my Nexus 6 but I got the moto x to give it as a Christmas gift. I do love the speakers on the Moto X pure more then the Nexus 6 but that's it.

  5. If motorola was still owned by google then i would have bought the moto x pure but i love being up to date with the current android os i like my phone to last a good while

  6. i bought the nexus 6..why? in germany I paid 320€ the pure would have cost me 500€ no fucking way, it is basically the same phone just a little smaller and better camera

  7. my front speaker have gone on my N6 so through plenty of YouTube time I ordered the Moto X Style.
    even the whole giffgaff community recommended it.

  8. 805 is still faster than 808 it seems like. GPU is definitely better on 805. I have moto x pure and Nexus 6 but I still use Nexus 6 Dailey. only Nexus 6 gripe is stupid screen burning. and low backlight

  9. I think the nexus 6's small bezel and camera and everything together is one of the best design ever made but it's not a flagship today and the nexus 6p is worse in design

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