Moto X Pure Edition Review Flagships Don’t Have To Be Expensive


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  1. U can search for the new camera app, the apk.
    Good video, there are a lot of about this phone, it seems pretty popular for the price.

  2. I love this phone, I am using it since few months now, its lovely. I sold samsung S6 and got this, missing fingerprint scanner but thats it everything else is superb. I bought this after realizing that this is last motorola phone with iconic design.

    The biggest thing about this phone it, it has no alternative, it does so many things best out there. Its unique phone you cannot compare it with anything else. For example, it has 3 IR proximity sensors which is unique. Its voice activation is seamlessly integrated in google now which is unique, its design is unique, I have very small hands and it never felt big or uncomfortable. The dual speakers is a feature you will love day-to-day more than 3D touch.
    Its twist to launch camera feature you will love day-to-day more than iris scanner.
    Its soft touch silicon is too good to hold much better than glass (i ditched samsung s6 after 4 months and bought this)

    If you are in US and got access to moto maker, get your personalized because the world is changed already and this is the last chance you will get something like this ever.

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