Moto X Play VS Moto X 2014 VS Moto X 2013 – Review


Comparison Review of Moto X Family from 1st gen to Moto X Play.

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  1. Could we see a Moto X Play vs G4 and S6 with a GPS test, I am interested in a new phone which has great signal and Motorola are normally known for their signal but it would be nice to see how it compares. Keep up the good work man!

  2. want to buy smartphone for my brother but I want it with IR blaster and good performance under 15000 pls tell me…!!! except mi4

  3. When are you going to do what I suggested with the cameras and testing out how far they can ZOOM to take a photo? Would be nice to see the clarity. That Nikon P400 is one hell of a camera for taking pics even up to a mile away and video as well.

  4. When your video description says "X Play, X 2014, X 2013" I would suggest you lined them up in that same order. For those who would not know otherwise, they might think the left smaller one was the Moto X Play and not the Moto X 2013.

  5. Seems like people are saying the Moto G 2015 model is pretty CHEAPLY made compared to the original Moto G device. Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility and now maybe the phones are not as great. They closed the factory in Texas a few months after they opened it, all those people were so happy to have a job after the economy crashed in 2008 then they lose their new job again. Nightly News in America even featured the plant on their show for "MADE IN THE USA" products. But sadly they never did another news clip showing how the plant was shut down.

  6. Not bad! If you want to be taken more seriously, get your exact specs right. Also, 2-finger swipe down from the top to access those toggles!

  7. I'm glad they got rid of the AMOLED display! my Moto X has some serious screen burn in. the soft keys are literally just burned into the screen. it's very annoying when watching videos.

  8. Would someone coming from Moto X 2013 enjoy the upgrade to the Play? I was looking at the LG G4 but can't get over the OS overlay. So, this is my best option.

  9. display and build quality is better in 2014 and whites are much more yellowish. on the other hand play got better camera and display is much more white. colder color tune

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