Moto X Play Review! The Best Android Phone for $400?


Is the Moto X Play the best Android phone for $400?

Check out the full review on MobileSyrup!

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  1. Thanks for the review mobilesyrup! 2 questions, does this phone have a notification led blinker in the front of the phone? And 2nd, do you know of any Canadian online retailer willing to ship to the U.S? I have read multiple articles stating that the Canadian version of this phone supports most carriers in the U.S so I just gotta figure out how to get one.

  2. this phone almost has the same specs as the alcatel idol 3 which is way cheaper. snapdragon 615 isn't going to cut it for this price. the 808 would've been a better fit . IMO this phone is not a moto x and is not a budget phone . I'm not sure what it's trying to be.

  3. Got X play yesterday from Koodos,
    it seems there isnt any chopping motion & turning on flashlight function in my X play
    I only have the twist twice and turning on camera action.
    What about other people here who got the X Play???

  4. "Check out the full review on MobileSyrup!"

    I checked the website, and there's no review. I wouldn't call this video a "review" either. This is annoying, what do we have to do to get a decent review of this thing? Every website "review" I've read of it thus far has been rubbish and uninformative.

  5. This could be my next phone, my lg g2 is starting to play up now with lines on my screen and my earpiece not working.

  6. One big question.. As a Moto X user I want to know how Active Display works in the new X-Series. They dont have AMOLED. So is Active display restricted?

  7. I got mine today and after going through all the setting up, I realise that there is no "chop twice for flashlight". In fact I only have the twist for camera. Is it the case on every Moto X Play or am I lacking an update somewhere?

  8. I like the double-swivel motion to turn on the camera. does it also have a motion activated flashlight feature (like the moto x style)?

  9. Owned this phone for about two weeks now. My last one was the Nexus 4. The reason I wanted this phone was because of the bigger screen and battery life. And yes, the battery life is incredible. Going on two days without charging.

  10. Hey I was wondering if the Moto x style is coming to Canada? And if not is the play worth it or save up for the note 5? Also be welcome to suggest other phones.

  11. Pro: Battery life (although 2 full days would be stretch, it does go a full day easily – I don't do any gaming though). Screen is nice, brightness on low is still very good. Marshmallow 6 works smoothly. Near-stock Android keeps things simple. Big phone but one gets used to it quickly. Good grip. Love the quick tap on screen to check notifications. Good value for the money in Canada, buy outright and if you have a good plan then go month to month. Haven't used the camera that much yet but early samples look decent. Easy to take pics, just tap the screen.

    Con: Phone calls – the mic picks up extraneous noises quite a bit, (when you are using speaker), person on the other end gets distracted. The speaker could be louder although it's adequate. With a case the volume up button and power button feel the same and are easily confused. Without a case the power button has ridges which works better. Non-removable battery but charges fine even with standard charger. Battery not a problem on this phone!

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