Moto X Play Detailed Review (After 2 Months)


The Moto X Play is one of my favourite Android Phones of 2015. In spite of mid-level specs and pricing, it performs really well and is an excellent value.

Moto X Play Specs
CPU: SD 615. 8-core cpu, 4 1.7 GHz cores, 4 1.0 GHz cores
GPU: Adreno 405
Storage: 16GB Storage
Screen: IPS LCD, 5.5″ 1080P, 403 ppi, GG3
Battery: 3630 mAh
Camera (rear): 21MP, phase detection autofocus, dual LED flash
Camera (front): 5MP
Weight: 169g

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  1. motorola also has the feature to open camera with double pressing power button. you have to mention that too.

  2. @AGNTV
    3630 mAh battery and lasts not much more than a day averagly?
    sounds lame… my lg g3 with 3000 mAh we preety much get me through a day
    i was excited about this phone and its price …but now you got me thinking
    except if you mean that it lasts a day using the hell out of it..
    please can you specify this ?

  3. I have moto x play 16GB. Will it has any bad effect if I will upgrade the android version into marsmellow…???

  4. thx you helped finally figure out camera options on mine ,still want to know if the double chop action activates flashlight?? PS it does work great and long battery life but yes lack of fingerprint sensor does suck :P

  5. Hi there, thanks for this great review. Please does the Moto X Play comes with an FM Radio? Many thanks and kind regards for answering that.

  6. Hi Friends,
    I have purchased Moto x play in Nov-2015, after 2 months of purchased it get switched off automatically and I start only after connecting with USB cable.
    I have contacted service center 5 time for this problem but they were unable to resolve this problem. they just do some patch and problem appears again after few days.
    So I would like to inform one major point that Motorola never replace their product even if they are unable to repair it. They just get rid of warranty period.
    because in last 8-9 month my phone was in the service center most of the time and again their is no solution.
    So guys I suggest you never buy Motorola product because they will never replace even if they are unable to repair and also their support and services are worst.
    It's better to buy a any non-branded mobile but I will never buy any Motorola product.

  7. Hi there
    I'm a moto x play user for over 11 months now.
    I've used this phone to its max extent.
    my usage of MOTO X PLAY is very high.
    at the initial usage the phone only got a lil worm and so.
    I got used to that part.
    but recently I've been experiencing a lot of lagging issues.
    I later got to know that by uninstalling few unwanted apps that uses background data and battery got me out of lagging and battery drain.

  8. sir i want to buy best camera mobile under 15000 rs. moto g4 plus or moto x play which is the best camera mobile suggest me please

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