Moto X Play 2015 – Review, Battery, Camera Samples


My review and initial impressions of the newest Moto X Play

Camera samples can be found here:

Step-daughter channel:

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  1. Price on Portugal is 379.99€, while you can get the Zenfone 2 for about 300€
    Its really overpriced over here in my opinion but I still prefer motorola for the stock android experience and camera and battery.  I might actually buy this

  2. I ordered mind from telus too but no sim card and off contract. Will I need to unlock it still? I notice you have a rogers sim in there. Thanks

  3. How would you rate the moto displays sensitivity? Does it turn on when you take the phone out of your pocket? Or make any light movements with your phone?

  4. Does the screen lose significantly to your LG G4? For the battery usage, did you mostly use 4G or WiFi? If you mostly used 4G the battery life is even more awesome!

  5. It's kind of sad that the so called "mid-range" phone actually has lower resolution and a bigger battery. The Moto X Play's battery life is going to DESTROY the Moto X Style's battery life.

  6. Very white whites? I just sent mine back due to very 'ill' looking green tinted whites. I didn't really notice it at first but comparing to an iPhone 6, a couple of iPads and my 1st gen Moto G, it became quite apparent, and down-right distracting.

  7. Real Racing 3 is actually not that graphically intensive anymore.They have downgraded the graphics quite a bit since the release of the game to minimize cpu and gpu usage so more mid range devices can play the game fluently.You also shouldn't do the test with a game like Dead Trigger 2 because even if it looks great it is mostly achieved with lighting and not actually good looking textures,therefore it won't prove the exact processing and graphics power of thw device.

  8. u are the only some saying Camara is good , the quality of the picture are fuzzey as the zoom don't lock , all the short cuts aren't working , why are u being so generous with your praises , phone gifted by Moto is it ?

  9. Do you think this phone has "A-GPS, GLONASS, Beidou" as the specification in "gsmarena" is not mention. would you mind let us know if this feature is available in this phone? Thanks in advance.

  10. Greetings!
    A nice review for the phone. I am considering buying this phone in India. Just concerned about one thing :
    Any heating issues with the device? Since there have been heating issues with some devices running the SD615.

  11. nice job 🙂
    i have one question regarding the features of moto x play that whether it has touch gestures on sleep mode like asus zenfone 2?

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