Moto X Family comparison: Moto X Play, Moto X (2nd gen), Moto X!


How does Motorola’s brand new Moto X Play compare to its first and second-generation versions? We compare it in our first 4K video upload!

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  1. The battery on the 2nd gen X and also droid turbo weren't the best performers. I wonder if whoever was contracted to build the battery used poor materials and now on the Moto X Play all they did was pack more battery just to compensate.

  2. wow so you saying the 64bit octa core SD615 or SD620 is a little faster than SD801? but the SD801 is 32 bit, right? so that would make sense for the 64-bit to be faster.

  3. The Moto X Play looks great, and it won't be expensive, but I have a question. If you buy a device, which has a non-removable battery, and it will freeze, what can you do???

  4. can tell me if the moto x play turn on the display if you moved the phone like the moto x 2014? And the battery really last 2 day ??

  5. FYI I turns about that the Moto X Play does indeed have Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF), but this wasn't know at the time this video was created. From what I gather there is likely to be little difference in the quality of the shots, only the signal processor (ISP) is different, and both have PDAF!

  6. I don't you're being very accurate when discussing the CPU differences. The big difference is the clock speed. The play has many cores running at lower clock speed. This means it's not going to score as well in tests that focus on single core performance. But it probably does better in tests which require multicores/multithreading.

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