Moto X 2nd Gen 2014 vs. LG G3 Comparison Smackdown


Lisa Gade compares the Moto X 2nd Gen 2014 edition and the LG G3. Read our companion article here:

Check out our video review of the Moto X 2014 at:
Check out our full written review of the Moto X 2014 at:
Check out our video review of the LG G3 at:
Check out our full written review of the LG G3 at:

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  1. The LG G3 being the much superior device! 😉
    The LG G3 is GORGEOUS! Super thin bezels! Amazing camera! Bigger battery! Beautiful UI with a ton of useful features! Etc…

    Yes, these turds will argue that "specs aren't everything" yet, if and when Motorola launches that new Droid smartphone, specs are suddenly going to be relevant. Hypocrisy is everywhere!

  2. I like the G3 but like you were say, there is definitely or was definitely lag.  Had to remove all the AT&T bloatware and some of the LG apps then it was fast comparible to my old Nexus 5.   The one thing I'll say is this took rooting the phone.  I also went over the ART instead of Dalvik.   Had G3 for a couple weeks, as soon as Nexus 6 is out i'm selling.  

  3. Moto X and Nexus are easily the most overhyped phones. Batteries are never that great and cameras are average at best. Stock android doesnt run any better or save you any battery. Besides most of the customization implemented by companies are usually for the  better. At times i feel that stock android is about a year behind what Samsung (etc) adds to their phones when it comes to accessibility and ease of use. 
    Nexus and Moto X should easily always be under $350. If not spend the extra 100 bucks and get another phone with one the best cameras on the market and battery that last about twice as long compared to moto and nexus

  4. Does anyone know what the accent color is on her Moto X? I was thinking it was the metallic bronze bc thats what it looks like but idk.

  5. verizon has the moto X 2nd gen and LG G3 for free with a 2 yr contract right now 12/26/14, i want the droid turbo but the LG G3 is very appealing, got great reviews from ppl on the verizon web

  6. Went from lg g3 to the new moto x. Had the g3 2 weeks ( I take very good care of my phones) but g3 was scratching like mad the screen in no way could have been gorilla glass 3 and the plastic on the body was scratching and bending ( yeah weird ) horrible build quality it wasn't put together well. But my moto x is just miles ahead in every way shape and form. So glad I changed ( besides horrible battery life and camera ) I'm very pleased with new moto x. 

  7. Pixel density. 2K will be enough on a 5.5inch display. Viewing angles ? Really ? Everyone uses their smart phones at least 0-35 degrees from the centre. 

  8. Mix the audio mono next time. Very distracting for the voice over to bounce from left to right constantly.

  9. LMAO it's hilarious how she downsizes EVERY SINGLE one of the MANY advantages the G3 has over the MotoX2g; like "oh it has infinitely better resolution? Pshhh who needs resolution, oh the camera's better? Pssh I never use a camera anywho" and when she gets to the VERY MINISCULE advantages the MotoX has; "Wow! Look at all the pretty colour options! This is clearly the better phone!" You can almost taste all the BS bias in this video XD. 

  10. Seeing as Motorola killed all future updates for the Moto X 2014 carrier locked models, looks like the G3 came out on top in another area: Software support.

  11. I appreciate your thorough reviews so much, quick question: does the LG Camera's superior software photo processing still apply if you put a more vanilla custom ROM on it or no?

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