Moto X (2nd Gen) 2014 Review – Is it Still Worth It?


How does the Moto X (2nd Gen) 2014 smartphone hold up 6 months later? With an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, a lot of the original shortcomings seem to have been rectified.

This is the first video on a new series that will revisit some of last years flagship devices. It will cover questions about whether the phone is still worth purchasing? And what’s changed since the initial release?

Moto X Specs:

Display: 5.2-inch AMOLED Full HD (1080p) 424 PPI
OS: Android 5.0.1
CPU: Snapdragon 801 w/ Adreno 330 GPU
Storage: 16 – 32GB, 64GB (AT&T, T-MOBILE)
Rear Camera: 13 MP w/Autofocus, dual-LED flash
Front Camera: 2MP – 1080P
Battery: 2300mAh

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  1. I'm thinking of swapping my HTC one M8 for the Moto x 2nd gen or Moto g 3rd gen. I love the HTC but would really like pure android. Do you think it would be worth the change? Thank you.

  2. I have the moto x 2nd gen, and I really love it.  It's got some glitches and I wish there was a way to do a hard reset by pulling the battery w/ out losing the adhesive, but it appears w/ 5.1 lollipop it is working better.  Any tips on removing the back?  Does the side rails come off as well?  Great post, u have a sub 🙂

  3. Great review Matthew! I was just wondering… when this device was released, the front camera was very laggy in the preview mode (before taking a pic). I was wondering if that's an issue any longer. Thanks.

  4. hey man great vid! but do you know if this phone will ever be available to rogers customers? I am planing on joining Telus just for this phone.

  5. Good look at an older device. With time on my side, looks like moto has given you what you asked for, except its now 5.7 and LCD but all you said you wanted…..
    As for the Moto X after its 5.0 update it became hard to use for me as i use many bluetooth devices such as a Watch and head phones, but with 5.1 its my daily driver again. still as fast as my other midrange phones so its fast enough for me.
    I'm getting the 2015 Moto x Pure(U.S.) version. unless they screw something up.

  6. I'm considering buying a new phone when I save up do you recommend this or the nexus 5. I don't want the new version of either phone because they're too big for my taste.

  7. I have an iPhone 6 now. It's a great phone don't get me wrong, but I've quickly become bored of iOS, and it has not been working properly lately ( not receiving voicemails, random glitching and not even playing music properly) . I've been considering this phone for a while, but I'm concerned that due to it being slightly older, it won't perform that well. Can anyone vouch for the Moto Xs dependability despite it being almost a year old? I'm not entirely sold on the Moto X Pure due to the large screen and I have somewhat small hands. Any recommendations? There's so many choices its kind of overwhelming.

  8. Will this phone last at least 2 years If I get it now?? And people say the camera is mediocre, but is it still useable for mobile photography?

  9. I have the moto x 2nd gen and wanted to keep kit kat. Reason being I really dislike the material design. The battery life isn't good at all so I'm considering letting it update to lollipop but have read some reviews where ppl said the battery life was worse after the update. This video says battery life is improved tho, so now im confused.

  10. Had this phone for six months. Did alot of research on it, and it seemed to be a great device. This phone SUCKS……..Can't be rooted at all, and is such a signal hog, will shut down any other device on Wi-Fi, that's anywhere near it. The screen is so twitchy, it will load and run apps at the slightest touch. Play store is a giant pain in the ass as well. Can't wait to get my iphone back. Don't buy this POS…….

  11. Wait, doesn't Moto X 2nd gen have dual front facing speakers? There's a deal going on at Moto's website, $299 for a 64GB version. Thinking about getting it, sounds like a real steal at that price. What do you think? The phone I have right now is one of those marketed "expandable micro SD memory" but there's just too much hassle and hoop jumping with rooting to get it properly working, I don't want to deal with expandable memory again.

  12. Its on sale now but im gonna pass on it because it has bad battery, bad camera and bad sound. The moto g 2nd gen has better sound because it has front facing stereo speakers.

  13. My options on Republic Wireless is limited and this phone seems to be the best offering at the moment. I love my 1st gen so looking forward to the upgrade. Can't beat $25 for unlimited talk/text/data with Republic Wireless or else I'd switch to a Galaxy s7. Wondering how this will run with Marshmallow?

  14. Im having a struggle here. Now that the Nexus 5X is out, should I consider Moto X 2nd gen instead of the 5X?

  15. I have this and an OG Droid Turbo and find my X 2014 to be as responsive as the Turbo despite the extra gig of RAM in the Turbo. The screen difference between 1080p and 1440p is very negligible. The only hits are camera in low light (oddly it takes better pics than the Turbo in normal light) on the X 2014 and battery, though I can still get a full day out of it with relative ease. The form factor on the X 2014 is a lot better than the Turbo. The aluminum frame feels high quality and substantial in the hand and the curved back make it easy to handle. Thanks for your review Matthew.

  16. great vid. I was looking foward for a video like this because I was planning on buying this phone. Even thought is kind of old, it is still a great phone.

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