Moto X 10 MP Clear Pixel Camera Review with Samples


Motorola Moto X camera review with samples Photos & Videos, the Moto X has a 10 MP rear facing camera with Clear Pixel which helps in low lighting situations and I show you samples pictures & videos I took with the Moto X so that you can judge it’s camera performance in this Moto X review

All of my other videos on the Moto X

Moto X is exclusively available in India via Flipkart

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  1. sir i have a galaxy grand2 and while daily usage it tends to heat up very fast………can u sugst smthng………….thnkyou…
    big fan of urz…

  2. Awesome video… Thumbs up…
     And in ur full review.. say whether the phone gets heat up while charging or in phone calls… i read in some reviews as it gets heated up much often… so pls include it… 

  3. Hi ranjith whats are your initial thoughts about the newly unveiled Windows Phone 8.1 OS with Cortana Voice assistant,Notification center…………………..thanks in advaance

  4. Oh dear, he said very little manual control that means very little chance to get better photos in bright sunlight as there is no exposure compensation at all !!!

    Why did moto do this, this is android not some crippled iphone camera.

  5. Just now I got a software update on my Samsung Galaxy S4 via ota
    update details: improved stability (86.02 mb)
    Baseband version: I9500DDUFNA4

  6. What is the difference between the global and the indian version? which one is better? I noticed that the global/us version has 4G LTE and the Indian version doesnot. Should I go for the global version or the Indian version?

  7. Hi , I was wondering if you could compare moto X with Sony experia z2. It's not yet launched in India,but as soon as it does, could You?

  8. Hi. Every video I play, be it online or recorded with this phone is blurry. Do I have something set wrong? Or does the phone just suck?

  9. Never mind my ? About the camera. The issue is the bandwidth. The camera on this phone is awesome. Parts made in US, China and India, designed and assembled in the US. Why does it take 3 countries to make one phone, who knows but its a great product.

  10. Nice and thorough review, thank you for this. Helped me decide on getting this phone. Really nice roof garden as well! 

  11. Hi Ranjit,

    I am looking to buy a new phone… Moto X and HTC One X are my choices in Android. Off late I have developed a liking for Moto X with all the features it boasts. But the camera seems to be a downer in this device compared to HTC One X. Moreover, there's no 32 GB variant in India yet. I am seriously considering buying Moto X. Do you have any idea when will they be releasing 32 GB in India?  

  12. HUGE problems with over exposure, what a shame as its a nice phone otherwise and not to big, hard to find now a days.

  13. Hello sir.. I have 2 questions :
    1. My budget is 25-26 thousand rupees. Is MOTO X best in this budget?
    2. Is camera too bad? I dont want the best camera but it should atleast be better than an average 5 megapixel camera.

  14. Is there a gesture or app to use the flash on the camera as a flashlight? say beofre you unlock it you can select an app to use the flash as a flashlight?

  15. Hi Ranjit, my moto x flickers while shooting pics/ vids in fluorescent lights indoor, is this normal?…I am a bit worried

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