MOTO Reissued


Moto teamed up with Futura, the grandfather of graffiti, to paint a limited batch of Moto X Pure Edition phones.

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  1. hi motorola
    i just would like to tell u that i have seen the moto g4 the it look awsome but the back is truly bad
    the camer place is bad
    just make it ad it was in the moto x2 or x3 it's better than this thats the only thing we want we need motorola to be better than samsung but the back of moto g4 is ugly
    please moto
    that is from one of the biggest fans

  2. got mad respect for futura, even tho this design in particular isn't exaclty my cup of tea, Moto, you're doing it right!

  3. This guys is not even doing graffiti, rather than making money. What a sell out.. Not hating but stating facts. Don't call your self a graffiti writer if your not bomin or cant even piece.

  4. some of those have a single thin black line on them. was this the practice attempt? because if not someone's gonna be ripped off lol.

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