Moto Mods On The Moto Z Demo – Awesomeness



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  1. Oh wow they really work well too! I can't believe how simple this attaches to the phone… they're definitely on to something.

  2. please tell me about sound quality of that jbl mod…is it loud enough…is it worth watching movies or listening music??

  3. the projector is what I want man I'm going to ditch my Galaxy S7 for this phone man is worth it so I could take a girl putting Netflix and chill and then the rest is up to your imagination hahahahaha

  4. I'd rather spend500 on this than some than a phone that does the same as the other phone hope they partnered it so that when everybody in the other companies try the same they Willl have to pay up

  5. they should have combined the projector mod and the speaker one to be able to watch movies with loud sound

  6. This is the shit Samsung used to come up with. Now they're all uptight and snubby thinking they're so hip with their sales and same looking devices that actually look like Apple copies.

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