Moto Mods Insta-Share Projector & JBL Sound Boost [REVIEW]


Lets take a look at the at some Moto Mods in action! Could this be the future of smart phones?

I already know everyone in the comments is gonna ask “Will this work with my phone?”. Moto Mods only work with the Moto Z Force and Moto Z smartphone. Its exclusive to Verizon.

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  1. next time for speaker demo… what I do, I show one of my YouTube videos… but great VIDEO cuz now I'm buying a battery I did not know u could charge wirelessly

  2. Plus it only last one hour max!!
    So to everyone thinking about having a movie night with this…. it WILL get interrupted so you can A) wait and charge it more to finish or B) buy TWO so you can swap projector mods Very fast and continue on! :-(

  3. Looking to get the moto z play for my mom. They are giving a $250 discount if you buy it with the projector or camera mod. I wonder which one would be best.

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