Moto G5 vs Moto G5 Plus: What’s the difference?


Moto G5 vs Moto G5 Plus: Lenovo launched the latest generation of its G family smartphones at MWC 2017 on Sunday, with the Moto G5 and G5 Plus, here’s how they stack up side by side.

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  1. How does it hold up against the Honor 6X? Both have excellent cameras and decent performance – a comparison would be great to see ^^

  2. With the G4 and G4+, I feel the gap between the two phones was so narrow that the G4 started to cannibalize sales from the +. This year, I think they were wary of that as the gap between the G5 and the + is pretty wide. So wide that they aren't even bothering releasing the G5 in the US, even at the highest specs. All the hype is between the two + models, but I think the actual story is the gap between the 4 and 5.

  3. I love the Moto g4. I think specs shouldn't matter. the way I see it. I own a computer and a laptop I have a decent tablet. I own a ps4. as long as my phone can take decent photos and it's perfectly usable for internet tasks then I really dont benefit from a powerful phone because I won't be using it to its full advantage. I do rely on Google maps and strava since I am a cyclist. so the Moto g4 is perfect for me. I don't need to upgrade

  4. I love the design of the g5+. It's simple and (more importantly) elegant. I'm a bit upset about the lack of dimple, but it's not a dealbreaker. Plus, Moto has always been innovators of making useful everyday specs.I can only imagine how the Pixels would have turned out if Google would have kept and gave the job to Moto. I chuckled when I seen that the g5s have the same layout as the Pixels. It was like Moto giving the finger to Google. Well played Moto. Well played.

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