Moto G5 – The Phone with Captivating Design


Live from Mobile World Congress, Richard Ho tells you everything you need to know about the Moto G5.
Stunning and sleek, the metal design will capture your eyes. An outside beauty for an effective inside.
Don’t miss any moment thanks to the battery : Hours of power in minutes of charging !
Also, live your life fully and capture every moment with the fast focusing 13 MP camera. Millions of pixels for breathtaking pictures. Plus ? Unlock your phone instantly with a fingerprint reader. Moto G Family, stylish and powerful.

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  1. I wanted a "Moto G5 Play" with ABSOLUTELY ALL as specifications of the Moto G5 16GB (MAINLY the gyroscope) but with screen 4.7" 720×1280 (without virtual buttons), with headphone jack and microphone at the bottom (as in Moto G5 Plus).

    "Different is Better"

    "Small is Better"

    "Small AND powerful is better"

    (via Google Translate)

  2. Moto G, G2, G3 were unique, had premium looks, easily stood apart from the crowd.
    G4 and G5 look just like any other cheap phone out there..

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