Moto G4 Plus Review (2016)


Moto G4 Plus Review (2016)

Mobile Geeks reviews the Moto G4 Plus taking a detailed look at the battery life and tests the camera of this 2016 Android smartphone. A full review with tests designed to push the Moto G4 to the limit. Camera test and battery life test is done as they show up as strong pros in recent Moto G4 reviews. Mobilegeeks also showcases the Moto G4 features and specifications such as Moto Gestures & 1.5GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor.

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  1. I'm only now starting to to think the chop chop motion to turn on the flash is to simulate the shaking of a glow stick

  2. I am also a big fan of motorola..and wanted a phone i.e. moto g4 plus..i watched tonnes of videos on YouTube about heating..i am afraid of it that it will consume battery so much fast..i plays games like clash of clans much..but again i am afraid of the heating issue..and of course i will play heavy games when i will have a new what are your views..please explain!!

  3. Great video quality. I'm reading mobilegeeks articles since the blog startet and i'm listening to every neuland podcast. But i wish more of your videos have a great video quality like this one. Clear voice and smoothly videos are very important!

  4. Great video but please address the heating issue as seen from other channels videos, and does it really heat up with not so graphic intensive games like Clash of Clans or using Snapchat for 10-15 mins or so.

  5. De huawei p9 lite of de iphone 5s? Ook in verband met hoe lang de updates meegaan op beide toestellen, alvast bedankt voor het reageren, jullie zijn een top kanaal!

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