Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience EVER, Part 1


Check out this guy’s room totally change into the movie he is watching! No SFX, no post production, no cuts, everything you see here is 100% for real.

We were funded by the Video Store of PlayStation® Store ( to make a series of movie related videos using ‘Immersive Imaging’ which takes 3D projection mapping as its starting point, but gives the viewer a supercharged experience with the help of the PlayStation Move controller.

In the past, projection mapping worked only from a single, static view point, and thus was very limited. By attaching the PlayStation Move to the camera, we can track projections to screens in real time, enhancing the effect of spatial deformation and false perspective on the projections and allowing viewers to look round (virtual) corners, bend walls, create a hole in the wall, or remove the walls altogether to reveal vast expanses of virtual worlds.

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  1. Is cool. Most immersive film experience ever yeah I don't know about all that. Technically cool as hell and clearly well thought out and planned with great execution. 

  2. Whoa.. getting a sore temple, I think it's blowing my brain:-(( and what I'm watching is not even the real deal.. is that healthy? LOL

  3. totally insane. a virtual Tron portal.  

    eventually we'll be able to not only witness & experience a video from within it as a viewer in a 3D environment, but could actually play a character in a film or video game and interact with virtual characters.

  4. The 3D elements are based on where the camera is. From his perspective it wouldn't actually look that cool, but it's a neat concept.

  5. Every house in the future should have a 3D projection mapping room. We have the dining room, bedroom, living room blah blah blah, time for a new a new addition. The psychedelic room.

  6. Mmmm. Where is part 2? This MIGHT be cool, but may be a trick of people's perception. Your camera view was not that of the person in the room, and is bouncing around to give it more effect. It is irrelevant what it looks like from a 2nd perspective, if you do not show the 1st— edit, watched it again. It is PROBABLY super bad@ss… Unless the projection gets in the eyes, which it likely could

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