Mobius Final Fantasy gets updated, new ability cards and features abound


It seems there is no limit to the amount of game mash-ups you will see in the Final Fantasy franchise, not as long as Square Enix owns this particular intellectual property. They will milk this franchise until its dry, and there is no end in sight yet. Square Enix’s mobile game – Mobius Final Fantasy – is getting updated with new ability cards and gameplay elements, featuring a collaboration from another mobile game, Final Fantasy Records Keeper.

So this April, a new batch of ability cards will be coming to the mobile RPG Mobius Final Fanatasy, and they include the return of cards from Final Fantasy Records Keeper, another FF-based mobile game. Check out the official list of new cards, events, and features the game will be having on this update:

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Collaboration (April 4 – April 17): Players will have the chance to collect Firion, Warrior of Light and other limited edition cards from the Grand Summon, featuring sprite art from FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.

Solo Limit Break Event (April 4 – May 2): Help the Moogles defeat the monsters that threaten their sacred ground, Olympos. Fight enemies in the newly reopened Olympos stages to level up your main target-focused area attack abilities.

Heretical Knight Job: The new warrior-type job boasts high HP and defense, as well as resistance to wind, earth and darkness elements, and can now be obtained from the greater ability summon.

New Battles in Ring of Braves: Beginning April 6, players can now embark on new and challenging 4★ Sicarius battles, first going head to head against the fearsome Eidolon Odin. Additional 4★ quests for Ifrit, Anima and Shiva will also become available throughout the month of April.

Multiplayer Item Exchange Updates: Moggy’s Item Exchange now features new items for players to purchase, including material cards to evolve Sicarius cards to their 5★ forms and new, powerful weapons.

Six New Ability Cards: Players can increase their offensive power with new light- and dark-elemental ability cards, including Chaos: FFI, Emperor: FFII, Cloud of Darkness: FFIII and more.

If you haven’t tried Mobius Final Fantasy, it’s available as a free-to-play game, with the requisite in-app purchases. Check out the download link below.

SOURCE: Square Enix
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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