Mobile Application Development for IPhone, Android & Windows Platforms


Software development is quite interesting, challenging and innovative field that needs high talent, skill and technical up gradation at each stage. Application development is like a brain development that a developer is defining to perform specific task through hardware. Mobile technology from last 10 years has drastically expanded the wings and now it has become the hottest technology that has gathered the entire world in a small hand held device. Mobile is not limited to communication function only. The added computing power has made it so powerful that one can manage his or her entire business through a single small handy device. Isn’t it so amazing? This has become possible through the continuous development of mobile applications for Smartphones like iPhone, Android phones, Windows mobile phones, JAVA ME and blackberry phones etc.

Mobile application development has opened a new way for software developers to precede their career further in the development field with innovative mobile applications. Apple iPhone is a world class popular name in manufacturing proprietary mobile phones and applications for its mobile devices. Apple marketplace contains more than ten thousands applications. This mobile IOS platform is more structured and user friendly that the developer would love to create the fine tuned applications for this platform. As a result the world’s talented software developers are contributing with iphone application development by adding up more and more mobile application in iPhone marketplace. The software & IT field truly believe the tough competition between Apple iPhone and Google Android Mobile platforms. Both have their own pros and cons but both IOS are comparatively ahead in features and developments.

IPhone Application Development
IPhone IOS is proprietary software having structured development path that makes quite easy for developers to define the mobile applications following the ways. As a result many of the mobile application developers prefer to have development in iphone. The IOS has certain restrictions where the developers are not able to overcome the limitations.

Android Application Development
Android is an open source platform offered by the world’s Giant search engine service provider company – Google. Android platform for mobile can acts like Linux where the developers have unlimited power to play and derive the customized applications. But at the same time there is no end of the expanding Android platform that creates more complexities in application development as well integration with the world’s generic mobiles. Developers also facing the up gradation issues where the different Android versions are quickly launched into the market. It makes the developer conscious and continuous to be updated with the technology quite soon.

Windows Application Development
The world’s giant software development company – Microsoft is also not behind in mobile platform development for their mobiles. Microsoft developers are also generating their market share in mobile technology developments. Microsoft is also now investing in application development for their market place by paying to the developers.

Mobile app development is a growing field and highly demanded with different types of applications for business and personal usage.  Software & Application development companies in India, USA and other countries have triggered their skilled workforce to define the customized mobile applications for their corporate and other clients.

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