Minecraft (Xbox360/PS3) – TU46 Update! – DIMENSION SECRET FEATURE!


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Today i will be showing you a cool Secret Dimension feature for TU46 Update for Minecraft Xbox 360,One,PS3,PS4, PS Vita and WiiU. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

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  1. I got so hyped when this new update came out !! and I played it not stop but once my friend came over my disk kept on say I g error and need to clean it ..so he decided to put soap on it and now guess what..I can't put on armor, can't trade with villagers because my game will crash if I do so…..Plz give me more sub's so I won't have to suffer more of this pain :(

  2. The nether portal connects to the over world and nether so there's no way to tell witch dimension you'll be transported to but from the nether to the end is fine because there are two types of end portal plus how are you going to get the end portal in the nether anyway?

  3. You probably can take the dragon to the nether because if you do take him in the nether you can take him into the overworld.. yeah not good… xD

  4. Hmm I was wondering how to get to the end, lol the end portal wasn't working for me in the over world but now u have to build one in the Nether.

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