Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 Being Discontinued (The Full Story)


The end is coming! Much later though For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft PS3 & Minecraft Wii U!

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  1. i knew this was coming for these consoles when i heard it first about the playstation two it makes me sad to see a great line of video game consoles come to an end,because millenials didn't grow up with such awesome video game consoles like us 1980's and 1990's kids did,millenials are apart of the xbox one and playstation four,wii and wii u crowd,now now before you start flaming me,i am a 1990's kid who is happy to have a playstation four all i am saying is kids today never played the consoles we did that is all.

  2. Those PS4/XBOX one are just being selfish,us,the players PS3/360 are basically the ones that even BROUGHT you to the Next gen,we are actually important,just so you know,you guy's "next gen consoles" are just new games,remakes,less lag and slightly better graphics and if you comment 'You're a dummy and we are better than you guys" or something of the sort,you are a failure to humanity and life,and yes,i am aware im an failure too.

  3. It's fine if Mohjang wants to discontinue Minecraft on Xbox 360/PS3- its just means that they lose a big chunk of the community. Mohjang's loss, and they deserve it.

  4. minecraft for consoles is pretty bad anyways, no custom skins, texturepacks and mods, also updates come later than on the pc edition

  5. All i have is PS3 minecraft and it is gonna suck alot cause all the ps3 and xbox 360 players are gonna be upset they dont have updates so 4J studios should pack all future updates for PC and Xbox 1 and PS4 updates into 1 for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2-3 years.

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