Minecraft (Xbox 360) – How To Download & Upload Custom Maps! – (Custom Maps Tutorial)


Hope I helped with this tutorial lemons! Thanks for watching, if you have any problems or questions, let me know. ūüôā

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  1. He COMPLETELY forgot a step guys don't worry! This is what you do: Basically you drag the world map save file in to horizon's giant grayish thing. Now you go to Transfer profiles. The click on your profile. Get out of that menu and go to change profiles/gamertag.Click on your, and click on the red thing that says save and other words that I can't remember. Then click on save to disk and click on the disk you want to transfre into( You usually just put one USB/Hard Drive into your computer) now exit out horizon and the FINAL step is you go to hidden icons. Click on the USB/Hard Drive and click on eject cruzer I think. THEN you pull out the USB/Hard Drve and plug it back to the console. Now COPY (DO NOT MOVE.) It wil tranfer in to the other USB/ Hard Drive or your console .Copying is just incase the world has problems and you still need another one that's why you copy.
    Now go, GO! Go play on the world! Hope this is helpful!

  2. What if it never asks what profile to assign it to? I get the transfer complete dialog box though, then just says unknown profile under the map save..

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