Maya Viewport 2.0 for Animators


Here is a demo for how to use Maya’s Viewport 2.0 to get better animation playback speed. Maya 2015 Service Pack 4 was used for this demo. “Jack” rig used courtesy of AnimSquad.

My system specs:
CPU: Intel i7 4790k (4.0ghz Quad-Core)
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 780ti (3gb Memory)

MEL Playback code:
int $rangeStartFrame = `playbackOptions -q -min`;

currentTime -e $rangeStartFrame;
playbackOptions -playbackSpeed 0 -loop “once” -by 1;
playbackOptions -playbackSpeed 1 -loop “continuous”;

Python Skin Cluster Code:
import maya.cmds as cmds

sceneGeo =
charSC = []

for skin in cmds.listConnections(sceneGeo ,type=’skinCluster’):
if skin not in charSC:

for sc in charSC:
cmds.setAttr((sc + ‘.deformUserNormals’), False)

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