Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K PlayStation 4 Pro Gameplay – Who is Ryder?


Hollie has played Mass Effect: Andromeda on PS Pro and speaks to Bioware about the game, the new hardware, and its 4K visuals.

Displayed 4K images are from PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro features vary depending on title.

Adjust your YouTube settings to 4K. 4K display device required to view in 4K.

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  1. Looks okay thus far. My only real concern, from what the guy was saying, is that recent Bioware games have been leaning too far in an open-world direction. I loved DA:I and it more than made-up for DA2 and restored my faith in Bioware but I hope that Bioware don't make Andromeda any more "open-world" than DA:I was. I love open-world games but when it comes to story they tend to sacrifice plot-cohesion for freedom of exploration, that's fine in some cases but Bioware games are about the story and characters first and foremost. In terms of gameplay no Bioware game has ever been amazing (just average), what carries Bioware games is the narrative, and making them too open-world may endanger that. DA:I struck the perfect balance between open level design allowing players a sense of freedom to explore while also making things cohesive enough to tie the story together. If they make it any more open then the story will begin to unravel as they loosen the ties in the name of player-freedom.

  2. look forward to eventually getting my hands on this however I still wish we were getting a hdmi re release of the previous trilogy for current gen… oh well

  3. this game better not being exclusive for the PlayStation I've been playing all of Mass Effect on my Xbox 360 all three versions I could have sworn it was an XBox exclusive butt maybe I've been out of the loop since divorce

  4. Is the character creation system as bad as it always was? Mass Effect has probably the shittest character creation system ever.

  5. The moment I saw a scanner, my heart sank. The more I hear it's about exploration, the more I dread. I don't desire exploration anymore. All of these exploration games are so vacant and desolate with nothing to offer emotionally. I need, I crave story! Whether I need to find it (ALA Dark Souls), or if you're going to give me actual characters with actual backstories and depth (ALA The Last of US). Please… I'm tired of this.

  6. I'm sorry, but that name. I know that it's suppose to be some sort of call back to riding a horse and exploring on the frontier as a cowboy… but it honestly just makes me think of Ryder from GTA San Andreas.

  7. Only reason I played was because of shepard and garrus. I'd rather they somehow continue the previous story and have shepard surviving as the default continuation.

  8. Im super excited, Dont care for the family aspect though, The Mass Effect Seris as a whole, Trying to beat that, Is one goddamn hell of a challenge, ME2 is by far the best, and "Possibly' my fav game of all time, Yet i dont see this even getting close to it.

  9. Kinda disappointed with the PS Pro,literally just 2 PS4 chips in 1, really wished i could play this in true 4k but thats just a dream with that hardware…..

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