Mars Colonization E04 – Setting up a Mars colony (SpaceX ITS in KSP)


Welcome to my collaborative SpaceX Mars colonization series with Marcus House. Join us here in Part 4 where we finally build a self-sufficient colony on the Mars surface and discuss the challenges future colonists will have to face. Let’s follow our elite Mars crew on their maiden voyage to the red planet.
PART 1 – SpaceX Mars Colonization

PART 2 – SpaceX Mars Colonization

PART 3 – SpaceX Mars colonization series

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SpaceX Interplanetary Transportation System by Thrimm Aerospace

SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System Video


Marcus House’s Channel

Kevin MacLeod – Frozen Star, Bathed in Light, Frost Waltz
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  1. Very good work. When I finally get a computer I hope to make videos at least comparable to these. keep up the good work chaps

  2. everything's very cool! but I doubt that the first samples from Mars will come with the first ITS backtrip. The Red Dragon missions (that are going to be launched way before the ITS ones) are quite surely going to have some kind of sample return abilities ^^

  3. And then in 10 years they all have cancer because of interstellar radiation constantly being produced by GRB's in our galaxy. We need to be sending tunneling equipment to make a hab at least 1000 feet under the surface. Having 1000 feet of rock and radiation absorbing water ice will provide a sufficient radiation barrier for long term canonization.

  4. We mustn't forget to include a telephone sanitizer among the crew. It would be a pity if the whole colony were to be wiped out by some disease caused by dirty communications equipment.

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