EdgeTM will enable operators to make the cloud directly accessible to businesses, communities and individuals, giving them the opportunity to effectively make their contribution & nbsp; “.” data-reactid = “21”> Brian Holz, CEO of Mangata Networks said “The 5G Open Innovation Lab is a golden opportunity for our team. We look forward to working with TMobile, Intel and their partners to better develop and define our core terrestrial networking product, thereby ensuring a seamless integration into 5G networks at affordable costs MangataEdgeTM will enable operators to make the cloud directly accessible to businesses, communities and individuals, giving them the opportunity to effectively make their contribution. “

The lab’s approach is unique in that it aims to unify an independent ecosystem by bringing together technological, financial and community partners and forward-thinking clients from sectors such as media and entertainment, transportation, petroleum. and gas, manufacturing and retailing.

Integrating satellite into 5G in a transparent and cost-effective manner enables the exchange of information and the delivery of services by communities and individuals who today are not well connected. The 5G Open Innovation Lab will give Mangata Networks access to world-class technology, partnerships, resources and environment to make their 5G product a success.

“The 5G OI Lab is a great opportunity for developers to work directly with technology leaders and corporate giants, to design and realize their vision and dreams for new 5G applications,” said Jim. Brisimitzis, Managing Partner of 5G OI Lab. “This is not just some sort of start-up program. We are creating a true ecosystem of partners who will bring together knowledge, resources and capital to change the world in depth ”.

https://www.5GOILab.com/ or follow us on Twitter at @ 5GOILab. “data-reactid =” 26 “> The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) is a global ecosystem of developers, start-ups, businesses, universities and institutions governments working together to support the development of new 5G features and market categories that will transform the way we work, live and play both now and in the future. The Lab provides developers, at all stages of the process, access unprecedented platforms, businesses and open markets needed to create, test and deploy new use cases and innovations for 5G. To learn more about the Lab and its portfolio of companies, please visit the page https://www.5GOILab.com/ or follow us on Twitter at @ 5GOILab.

https://www.mangatanetworks.com/. “data-reactid =” 28 “> Mangata Networks, a joint venture with Intellectual Ventures Invention Science Fund, is a satellite-based telecommunications company that seeks to turn human potential into action. Our solution: to create a transparent global network for helping businesses, communities and individuals build their foundations. Our unique core network enables rapid scaling of data connectivity across geographies. With a global footprint, our technology can be mobilized by companies to reach their greatest potential wherever they are and at an affordable price To learn more about Mangata Networks, please visit the page https://www.mangatanetworks.com/.

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