Man Crashes Car After Using Facebook Live To Capture Himself Going Over 100mph


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It’s not the time to record a Facebook Live video, but that didn’t stop a man from starting his feed while speeding down the highway. Police in Providence, Rhode Island say 20-year-old Onasi Olio-Rojas used his cell phone to record himself driving over 100 miles per hour on Route 6. With his music cranked up and no seatbelt Olio-Rojas weaved in and out of traffic on the highway to get his speedometer into the triple digits. Cops say he totaled his car when he crashed it into a garbage truck.

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  1. I thought he died at first, so I thought he was speeding, put the video on FaceBook then crashed, and died. When they were charging him with wreckless driving, I said "WHY WOULD THEY CHARGE A DEAD GUY?!"

  2. This guy is an idiot. Thinks he's sooo cool. Doesn't even know the words to the song playing in the background or how to drive. I hope they give him about 30 years without parole so he does not kill some innocent person on our roadways. Then again maybe Darwin made him a quad and now his worthless family that did not disciple him growing up will pay the price by taking care of his worthless a@@, Karma is a B***.

  3. Congratulations you have now entered 10 years of hell. That's how long it will take you, even with a huge amount of effort to get your life back together again.

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