Mails erased by mistake: Apple sued in court

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Mails erased by mistake: Apple sued in court
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An inhabitant of Pontoise has decided to seize the court against Apple, who would have confessed to have deleted four years of mails by mistake.

Apple mishandling it would have lost four years of mail and therefore memories and exchanges to a resident of Pontoise? In any case, this is what he supports in the Parisian columns. This dissatisfied customer reports that he contacted the support support of the brand at the apple because he could not send emails anymore. He then scrupulously follows the advice of the technician with whom he is online. Except that the technician would eventually erase by mistake several thousand emails.

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A gift card for compensation

"It's only because of this collaborator that I lost four years of family, personal and professional messages." There were between 4,000 and 6,000 emails that retraced family events, meetings, personal exchanges, schooling. my son, so many memories, "accuses the complainant, questioned in the Parisian columns. Faced with the reaction of the American company, he decided to take legal action.

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"The profits of Apple, it must be in billions of dollars … The tremendous assistance of Apple that I was described as the Rolls-Royce sector removes four years of my life and offers me this compensation?" he taunts. Because when he would have pointed out this error to Apple, the brand would have only offered him a gift card in the amount of 60 euros, to spend on the Apple Store … A hearing is scheduled on February 14 before the district court from Pontoise.