MacBook Pro 13″ Unboxing (Touch Bar & Touch ID)


Ian butchers the MacBook Pro packing in this grand unveiling of the new Apple MacBook Pro 13″ with Touch Bar & Touch ID!

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  1. I'm not annoyed by the fact, that it has 4 USB-C-Ports. If you think about it, it's absurd to use different types of connectors for different purposes instead of one for all. But not having SD-Card-Slot, not having the possibility to have a bigger hard disc later or having more RAM than 16 GB… Not being able to use lightning headphones. Ridiculous!

  2. One thing that bugs me is that Apple have done everything it can to reduce colour in it's system – making the Folder sidebar useless if you pin lots of folders and yet the slide bar is crazy colourful. No logic whatsoever.

  3. I think that if Apple is hellbent on keeping the stupid lightning connector headphone port then they need to put BOTH on the Macbooks. The reason is that the correct headphone port is where you would connect your external speakers. Not everyone uses bluetooth speakers because regular wired speakers work just fine and you don't need to worry about BS interference.

    The lightning port for audio is complete bullshit.

  4. So what is bad about it? 1998 iMac had USB and FireWire only. How quickly people forget. Buy the goddamn dongle for the few pennies extra, if you are so hung up on wires. When is the last time you plugged something in apart from charging it.
    The new MacBook is the best personal computer out there bar none. Name just one that is better in any feature?

  5. Annoying and childish. A high school kid trying to be funny but can't!! Stop trying to be funny like Kai. Have your own style. If you actually have one!

  6. Future proof is welcome but given Apple's stature about future proof in the past you can't trust them, how many future proof connecting shit they have thrown away?

  7. that background music is annoying. Even if the product is good, bad, or indifferent, you're depressing. En francaise au en anglaise

  8. Bokeh, please allow Full Screen on your website. It is impossible to see your videos (without forwarding it to Youtube) in a …Macbook (Pro) 13".

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