Mac OS X Welcome Videos


Old versions of Mac OS X used to play welcome videos during the installation process.

These helped set the stage for the new operating system.

Cheetah, Puma and Jaguar shared a video that highlighted the new Aqua interface. Panther’s featured the bright blue background with nice, crisp, white text. Tiger brought Spotlight, and as such, the welcome message was highlighted by a moving light. Leopard and Snow Leopard shared a darker clip that is reminiscent of the initial Time Machine interface.

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  1. One of the aspects that i Love so much about Old OS X versions , i would really love to play them on real hardware but unfortunately legacy Apple computers are really rare here in morocco 🙂 Thanks for the fantastic video 😀

  2. I loved the one for Snow Leopard. I remember watching so many un boxing videos before I got my first Mac and the video was my favorite part. When I finally got it and saw the video in person it was wonderful. Such a small thing, but added to the whole experience.

  3. I believe Mac OS 9 also had an intro, but:
    1. It only showed up on the initial installation, not when the user installs the OS themselves from the install disc.
    2. The video was tailored for the Mac model that the user had.

  4. Wow installing a new mac with Royksopp's Eple playing in the background, that would be so amazing. This is the kind of passionate touch I'm missing from the 'new' Apple.

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