LOT-951: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 Application Development Update


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LOT-951 test information:
Number of questions: 56
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 71%
Test languages: English
Note:  There are 56 scored items and 4 unscored items.
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For example:

1. Viktor has been asked to begin modifying the corporate Domino Web sites to adhere to XHTML
standards. He has enabled Enable enhanced HTML generation in the application properties. When
testing a couple of the page elements in the Web browser and viewing the source, Viktor notices that tags
and are still not correctly closed, that is.,
. What could be the problem?
A.This setting only applies to generated HTML, like passthrough HTML on a form.
B.The Web closes tags that have content. Tags that do not have content are ignored.
C.Each page element needs to be opened and saved to incorporate this new application property setting.
D.The Web server generates valid XML, but there are exceptions. One of the exceptions is passthrough
Answer: D
2. Martha has a Submit button on her Timesheet XPage. When clicked, the button uses the Save
Document simple action to save the data to the underlying document. What parameters does Martha
have to provide to the Save Document simple action?
B.pageName, mergeConflicts
C.forceSave, createResponse
D.documentName, saveImmediate
3. Brett wants to add a view to his XPage, configured so that it displays two rows for each entry in the view.
What technique can he use to accomplish this task?
A.Add a View control to the XPage and configure the view’s NumberOfRows property to ‘2’.
B.Add a View control to the XPage and change the NumberOfRows property on the All Properties tab to
C.Enable the Application property Use Java Views on Web and configure the view’s NumberOfRows
property to ‘2’.
D.Add a Repeat control to the XPage and place the appropriate fields within the Repeat control in a two row table.
Answer: D


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