LORD OF LEVIN! – Final Fantasy XIV Online Let’s Play 200


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Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV (14) Online, a MMORPG based on the Final Fantasy Universe! Join me and our main protagonist, Elliot Rosepetal, a Miqo’te Puglist set out to discover this vast world! This is my very first Final Fantasy game of any kind, and even though its not made in a JRPG style, the MMO feel appeals to me a lot and I am looking forward to going on all kinds of crazy and fun adventures! Enjoy 😀

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  1. I personally don't mind whether your face cam is on or off, is what you think is more comfortable, and if we don't like it, there is nothing we can do

  2. Hey there Thamriyell! just wanted to say that your content is great! and also wanted to say that i saw you on Exodus the just the other night and asked if it was you! I sadly did not get a reply but no sweat xD you're a busy dude after all

  3. There's a 10 year gap between where you are now and back when you assaulted the Praetorium. That's why all the voice actors changed.

  4. Hi there 🙂 Another good video as always. To answer your question, I don't mind either way, I enjoy your video and your stream so do what you love more. Keep up the good work =^.^=

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