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If you are reading this article just to look for an invitation to lockerz, you can send you email to and get one quickly. is considered to be one of the most promising sites on the internet. This site is noted in many forums and has been mentioned by many news companies.’s popularity is based on its free offers during this the time period while the site is still in Beta testing. Registration is fast and simple and members earn points extremely easily. One of the main reasons why its popularity is spreading so rapidly is because its easy to earn enough points to get a MacBook, Designer Handbags, Video Games (for all consoles), iPods, Nintendo Wiis and many more. This basically means, lots and lots of free stuff, for a minimal amount of work.

How it works

First, you will need a Lockerz account, which are obtained by getting invited. You can get Lockerz Invites if send a mail to

with your E-mail address, or by visiting

Points are earned when a user signs in daily, when they answer the question of the day (the question is more about your opinion, and takes only 5 seconds to do), and when a user refers new members. To show you how easy it is to earn points, I got 29pts through registration, 2 points for signing in, and another 2 points for answering the question of the day. All this for a grand total of 33pts in the first few minutes since registration. And to put it in perspective, I can already claim many videos games such as Soul Caliber IV, which is 25pts. (Note: You can only claim stuff on Fridays because that’s when they replenish their supply)

Is a legitimate website?

As a testament to the legitimacy of, its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be Vice President at and the CMO at American Eagle. major financial contributors is Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner, which is the firm that supports and QVC.

Now the only way to become a member at is to get invited. Be sure to stay away from invites on Yahoo Answers, for those aren’t real invites but just ways for people to get your email address to send you spam.

You can automatically sign up under this link here:

All you have to do is visit the official lockerz invite page here: or send a mail to

I hope you benefit from the free stuff at as much as I have!

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