Lethal League [PS4 and XBOX ONE] – Release Date Trailer


Finally, proud console owners can join in on the Lethal League! We’ve made a celebratory trailer featuring the game’s finest batters doing their thing to the ‘dub-hop’ sounds of Grillo. We hope you feel… inspired?

May 10th, 2017 is the day Lethal League will release on the digital stores of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Join Team Reptile at:

A big shoutout to the players in the footage: aTastyT0ast, Ice Coldas, Diplomat, Revellious, MrGentleRape, Orion, RedBlueJ, Zea, Jawbreaker, Drunken Luna, Missingno. and Smellyhobo101!

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  1. YES! Finally! You should really try to make this a part of PS Plus/Games With Gold to get the word of mouth snowball to start rolling. I firmly believe this game is good enough to be "the next Rocket League". <3

  2. Hoping to see some more characters and/or stages (and definately music, I love this game's soundtrack) being added. 😀

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