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If you’re a dedicated PSP gamer, you must have spent time wondering how to burn PSP games. You have probably hesitated to do that because some people have told you that it’s impossible to burn PSP games because of the PSP games’ built-in copy protection. They’re quite correct about the copy protection, but dead wrong about the impossibility of burning PSP games. Want to know how to burn your PSP games easily? Please read on.

CD’s for different gaming devices like Xbox 360 or PSP, PS 2 and PS 3 games are easily available. But PSP games are written on small discs, which increases chance of getting scratched or broken if not handled properly and used roughly. In order to burn your favorite PSP games to PSP UMD discs or on memory stick, you need find a good game copying software application.

Such copying software would have to be capable of bypassing the embedded copyright protection on the PSP games, and make high quality working copies as well. The software of this kind is actually available now in the market. If you search it on the internet, you will find many of different brands. You need to be rather careful and spend time on selecting a good one, because some of sites are not so honest. For your information, there is a copying software called Copy That Game, which enjoys a good reputation among serious PSP gamers. It’s easy to install and use, and it makes excellent copies quickly.

No matter which software application you choose, the procedure of burning PSP game differs little. Now find yourself a blank PSP UMD disc or memory stick, a computer with a DVD burner, and a piece of PSP game. If you have all the equipment and supplies on hand, you can begin burning PSP copies as described in the following steps.

– Starting up the copying program you have installed in your computer

– Inserting an original PSP game disk and loading the Game Disc

– Making ISO backup Image

– Replace the game disk with a blank media when indicated, and burning the backup image to UMD or Memory Stick (Easier Option)

– Enjoy YOUR game, safe in the knowledge that it cannot be damaged

That’s how to burn PSP game. Isn’t it easy enough to learn? That shouldn’t take more than about an hour to make a high quality copy of your PSP game with the help of a good copying software. It would take you at least that amount of time to drive to a retail outlet, pick out a replacement game, and return home.

Once you learned how to burn PSP games and make your own backup games, don’t delay. Get a copy of Copy That Game and start protecting your valuable PSP games. OR you may read the review of Copy That Game first to know more about it, and then make your decision.

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