Kingdom Hearts’ Sora Will Soon Join World of Final Fantasy

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UPDATE: Good news, Final Fantasy fans. Square Enix confirmed in a tweet today that Sora will be added to World of Final Fantasy in both the U.S. and Europe on January 24th! “Not long until @KINGDOMHEARTS 2.8 is out & to help celebrate the launch we’ll be releasing Sora as a #WorldofFF Champion on Jan 24 in NA/EU!” the company notedd in its message. Yes!

ORIGINAL STORY: Fans of the super-deformed role-playing adventure World of Final Fantasy could have some real star power to look forward to, as Square Enix has revealed a new character that is joining the game – in Japan, at least.

The company has released a new video, which can be seen below, that features Kingdom Hearts superstar Sora in action, as he utilizes his Champion Summon medal to beat down opponents and add some real strength to the team. And, yes, his appearance in the game is truly adorable, just like the other World of Final Fantasy cast members.

The character can also execute a number of other devastating moves to put enemies in their place, including a Flowmotion ability to get around them faster, as well as powerful spells, such as the dependable Blizzaga.

The video is in Japanese, but provides a promising glimpse of what to expect from the character in the game, as well as how well his range of attacks perform.

The Sora DLC is set to arrive for World of Final Fantasy players in Japan this week. However, it doesn’t have a set date for the U.S. just yet. However, considering that the series is celebrating an anniversary this year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sora pop up in the game sooner rather than later. On top of that, with Final Fantasy HD 2.8 set to arrive later this month, his Final Fantasy tie-in would be a welcome promotion.

World of Final Fantasy is available now for PlayStation 4.

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