Kindle DX For Christmas 2009-Review Reasons Why


The Kindle DX for Christmas 2009 is going to be a very popular seller at Christmas time this year. Remember last year and how the Kindle was the must have gift and how hard they were to purchase. Picture this Forrester Magazine has changed their prediction from 2 million e-book readers sold in 2009 to 3 million. With about somewhere around 1.5 million people walking around with Kindles in the US, people have noticed these devices and become very interested. Review below the reasons why Kindle and Kindle DX will be the choice this Christmas.

1. Most Promoted- The Kindle DX is the most promoted e-reader out there at this writing. The reviews being written are all about the DX and its big screen display. At this point Apple will not have their e-reader ready for Christmas so all the buzz will go to the Kindle as the market leader.

2. Best Reading Experience- No matter what fancy gadgets other competitors come up with people really buy e-book reading devices for reading. The Kindle DX for Christmas 2009 provides the best reading experience hands down. The screen is clear. You can zoom out for full screen reading of documents and the device easily disappears into the background so you can focus on reading. Isn’t this what you really want to do anyway?

3. Lots of E-books available- Amazon has over 275,000 books available. Sony is the next closest with 100,000. With the Kindle DX you can download a book wirelessly for free in less than 60 seconds. Amazon pays for connectivity with no monthly fees or service contracts. At 9.99 Kindle wins by a landslide in the battle for cheapest e-book prices. Anyone who buys a lot of books will want the Kindle DX for Christmas 2009.

4. Most Revolutionary Features- Features like a built in PDF reader the most popular format for reading documents. Storage capacity of 3500 books. Auto rotation feature to view either horizontally or vertically. 9.7 inch display screen. Read to me text to speech feature. (Although publishers may not have this in their book). Syncs with other Kindles and your iPhone.

The Kindle DX for Christmas 2009 will definitely outshine the competition this year. In order to avoid last years disappointment of not being able to get a Kindle for Christmas in time it will be best to purchase early. It is already being reported the Sony and Barnes and Noble version e-readers are sold out for Christmas.

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