Jawbone UP 24 JL01-52M-US Activity Tracker – Medium – Onyx


Jawbone UP 24 JL01-52M-US Activity Tracker – Medium – Onyx

So I ordered the band in red, and it looked totally grungy after 2 weeks, especially the underside. Even friends and coworkers were noticing the dirt. (I also found out that a coworker had the previous model in turquoise, and hers was turning yellow. It seems like the colors don’t wear well.) So I cleaned it with alcohol per the Jawbone site with no improvement, so I emailed support. The reply seemed like the typical copy-and-paste reply you always get and said to try cleaning the band with alcohol based hand sanitizer. I gave it a try with no improvement (and I really, really scrubbed).

I expected to get another copy-and-paste reply when I replied to support, but the rep actually phoned me. She was *incredibly* personable and offered to send me a replacement band in black. She answered all of my questions about data loss (there was none) and pairing the new band (pairing the new one automatically removed the old one), and was just refreshingly human (seriously, a warm, human response!). And I got the new band in a matter of days with a prepaid shipping label to return the old one. I actually like the band better in black, and it’s much easier to see what mode the band is in (the lights are green on the new one & were red on the old one).

The software is terrific at tracking steps and sleep, though I haven’t tried a workout (yet). I’m on Weight Watchers so I haven’t tried tracking food, but it seems like it might be cumbersome since the app is only available on my smartphone. It would be nice to be able to have a tablet app or desktop account management via their web site, but this is really a small nit. I also love that it interfaces with Weight Watchers and with my Nest thermostat so it turns the temp down when I put the band in sleep modeJawbone UP
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