Jailbreak Your Iphone – 6 Reasons Why (Jailbreaking Your Iphone) Makes Sense


Jailbreaking your iphone is many times confused with unlocking the iphone. What most people do not realize is that the two processes lead to two entirely different functions. Unlocking the iphone makes it better able to work on other wireless carriers than if the iphone were to stay locked. Jailbreaking your iphone on the other hand will enable you to have access to third party applications that you would otherwise not have access to with a non jailbroken iphone.

The list below includes some of the applications that are likely to add more functionality to your iphone and to be honest are some of the applications that I wish the Apple iphone could include right out of the box. However, you will need to jailbreak your iphone in order to access the applications below. The 6 Reasons why jailbreaking your iphone makes sense include but aren’t limited to:

Recording Video:
Your iphone comes with the capability of recording video; however, there is no way to do this with a straight -from-the-box iphone. After you jailbreak your iphone, you will be able to effectively record video by using the cycorder application. This application records videos using QuickTime(.mov) file forms which are then placed in the iphone located at /var/mobile/media/videos. In order to retrieve the videos off your iphone, you will also require the use of another application such as the iPhone Browser for Windows.

Upload your Videos to YouTube:
You can upload all the videos you would like to YouTube via the iPhone Video Recorder. You can use this application on both the 2G and 3G or 3Gs version of the iphone. With the iPhone Video Recorder, you will be able to record your video, select the video mode and size as well as choose what type of encoder you would like to use such as the MPEG-4 or MOV decoder. With this application access, you will also be able to use it to share your videos with the world through a direct upload to Youtube or with a small group of friends or family via email.

Record and Stream your Video Live:
Stream your video live and directly to the internet. The two applications you can use to accomplish this task include Flixwagon and Qik. Qik is the most recommended of the two applications due to its ability to offer a higher frame rate as well as higher resolution.

A Zoomable Camera:
If you have bought and are currently using your iphone straight out of the box, you will notice that even though your iPhone comes with a camera, it is not the best option for taking quality photos. A nicer more higher quality camera can enable those that like taking pictures with their cameras to do so. Snapture is one of the higher quality applications that you will have access after jailbreaking your iphone. With the Snapture application, you will have an added 12 more advanced camera features such as zoon, color modes as well as multi-shot, you can also email, delete and sort through your photos with much ease while using the Snapture application.

Use A Modem:
If you would like to use your computer as backup, much like tethering your smartphone in case of an emergency, the iphone doesn’t automatically provide you with this option while in its original condition. The iPhone Modem application can further help you with this. Once installed, you can connect your iphone the internet while using either your PC or Mac. The application also runs in the background even if other applications are presently running.

Add Custom Themes:
In the case that you would truly want to personalize your iphone and make it your own, you can add custom themes after you have enabled your iphone through the jailbreak. After your iphone jailbreak, you will be able to customize the themes to match your taste through such applications as WinterBoard. With WinterBoard you can change the entire theme of your iphone which includes such things as the icons and homescreen background, as well as the status bar; – choose from your favorite movie to comic book heroine, the possibilities are endless once you discover what an iphone jailbreak enables your cell phone to do.

If you would like to find out more about the software or are interested in unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone 3Gs or 4.0 OS, the software can Unlock any versions of the iPhone.

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