Is your Samsung Gear S3 Faulty? GPS not working


Check this on your watch to see if the on board GPS is actually working. Mine doesn’t seem to be so is the watch faulty? Let me know in the comments below so we can see if we all have the same problem… Thanks
It could be the apps that have problem because speedometer app works.

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  1. The here you go app will find your location on watch only if you have your phone location on as your watch does not have LTE. Try using s health with location on and go for a walk without your phone and see if it shows your route after then you know GPS is working

  2. Seams I have the same problem. Also did a Shutdown, and turned on again. But same problem. Tried with WiFi on, off and Auto + Location ON / GPS On / GPS -Wifi ON etc. Installed the Track Speed apps, and it is "Searching for Gps" for hours, without finding (even when i am outside). Tried for several days now, but no luck :(

  3. hey brother. how can I connect my bluetooth so I can answer on my watch and it go to my bluetooth instead the speaker? my bluetooth now only will play media audio. no call audio. I was wondering if I need different bt. these work as media and call on my s7 though

  4. Hi Mr Analytical, I'm in the Southeast London and I've had my frontier watch about two weeks(Got it off eBay in an auction for £400 because wasn't in stock anywhere). I have had no problem with the GPS, I did what you did in the video and it worked for me, but will try it more in depth tomorrow when I go work.

  5. Same here for me. I turned off Bluetooth on my phone but the Here app and find my car app keeps telling me I need to connect with my phone.

    Perhaps those apps just needs to be connected to your phone?

  6. Hi, i'm in Gemany. For me, Frontier without LTE, it works.
    But, maybe for the first autark GPS connection, it is slow and needs free view to sky + wlan connect for the maps.
    My Phone S7, for this test is disconnected from wlan, bluetooth and mobile data, to make sure, the S3 do it by its own.
    Connection settings for S3 are only to wlan and in location only to gps. But bluetooth comes in automaticly without any connections. The Watch-Symbol at 12 is visible showing self-sufficient modus.
    I startet Maps, the same as yours, no location with this initial Berlin mapping, search for my location, and let the watch laying there under the open sky for about five minutes or so. After that, it recognized my correct location and map. Find my car works too. :)

  7. Turned off my phone, set watch connection to GPS only, and it found my location using Google Maps app. So, I will assume GPS works. But here's my problem: GPS does not always track distance, speed, or calories when using S-Health walking or running activities. Samsung says it may be obstructed by trees, clouds, buildings, etc. Yet, it still doesn't work even in an open field. Judging by comments on this and other posts, I am sensing that GPS is a problem for many S3 owners.

  8. I have the same problem as yours when using 'HereWeGo' and 'Map', both created by 'HERE'. At first, I had the same doubt as yours that my watch's GPS was not working. As you said, I have to turn on my phone's GPS in order to use these 2 apps. After thinking more, since 'S Health' needs GPS as well, so if my watch's GPS is not working, it won't work when using 'S Health' as well. So, I did an experiment by using'S Health' to go outdoor for a walk/run without bringing my phone, so 'S Health' could only use my watch's GPS (my watch is BlueTooth version, no 3G at all). It turned I could see my route on the map using 'S Health'. I did these several times and they are the same, the route can be displayed on the map in 'S Health' without problem. Hence, I believe that my watch's GPS is working fine, it's the 2 apps created by 'HERE' has the problem that both can't be using standalone. We shall leave comments on both apps to ask 'HERE' to fix/adjust these 2 apps so that they can be truly standalone. Hope this helps. And thank you for your youtubes.

  9. HI mate…Thanks for this video…
    This is my observation of GPS and Gear S3 (no LTE).
    Just to mention, I do have the latest update from Samsung and I'm in Australia.

    So, what I'm experiencing is this:
    Gear S3: GPS+WiFi – ON, BT – ON; Phone: BT – ON, GPS – ON: with this I can use Here WeGo or Maps on Gear S3, also tracking in S Health works OK.
    As soon as I disconnect Gear S3 from the Phone (BT – OFF on Phone, no WiFi outdoors on Gear S3) Here WeGo and Maps stop working (makes sense since there is no data connection for maps to download), S Heath keeps logging the GPS data (from Gear S3 GPS – very poor accuracy though).
    If I keep BT ON on my Phone, but turn the location OFF (No GPS on the Phone), Here WeGo loses tracking, Maps stops working asking me to enable location services on the Phone, S Health is still working OK.

    I figured, these apps that are not optimised to work on the Gear S3 (probably due to the low accuracy of the GPS, and of course, no data for downloading Maps).
    But, I'm happy that GPS actually works on Gear S3 – confirmed with S Health app while walking around.

    I read on XDA that you can install Here WeGo on your Phone, set the destination and turns and if you have Here WeGo on Gear S3, it will tell you the directions on your watch. Tested it today, Here WeGo does open on watch, but that's it. No route, no directions, it just shows your location.
    I'm still waiting for someone to make a decent Maps app for Gear S3 so we can pick the destination and means of transportation on our phone and just click Go and the directions transfer to the Gear S3.
    That would be amazing.

  10. I dont think your watch is faulty mate, it must be the apps. On here we go, if you turn on location on your phone and open the app on the phone too and search your location there then open it on your watch it should show there. let me know if it works. It was like this with the Gear S as well.

  11. Mine work here in Texas I have the gear s3 Frontier lte from t-mobile it works with Bluetooth on and connected to my phone and the standalone with Bluetooth off and I get a location in the find my car app

  12. My GPS only works when it can access my phone's location services. It also keeps on losing bluetooth connection to the phone, so can't use it for longer than a couple of minutes straight when dependent on the connection. This is frustrating, especially as I had to return my note 7 not too long ago. I'm just about done with Samsung

  13. I'm experiencing the same problem when trying to see my location. The watch does track walks etc. via S Health when completely disconnected from the phone but the watch will only show you the route. It's only until you view your route on your phone that you'll see the actual roads you've walked on and it is accurate. UK version.

  14. I use the watch's GPS on the golf course via the SmartCaddie app and it's really accurate, works fine…hope you get it sorted soon….hows your battery life by the way? mine has suddenly dropped off, was easy two days when I first got it but down to a day now

  15. An update, talked to my mate, he has no problem with his device GPS either, but can I draw your attention to part of a Sammobile review. "GPS took quite some time to lock my position, so it’s best to wait a few minutes before starting outdoor activities like running, jogging, walking, or cycling." Now I don't have this delay myself but depending on where you are or local conditions it might take longer to pick up the signal. Did you leave it on for a good few minutes to see if it would pick up the signal? Just another possibility to check out.

  16. Bit of an update, they've basically gone round in circles with their advice and it's got to the point where they have asked me to "turn it off and on again"!! Seriously!!!

    "Samsung UK Can you try turning the watch off completely and then restart it."

    This is my reply to them….

    "It'll be easier if I tell you what I have done so far….
    Factory Reset on the Gear S3.
    Checked to see if the latest software is installed… It is.
    Checked that the software on my phone is the latest version… It is.
    Paired the Gear S3 to my phone via Bluetooth.

    Now, the issue is that as a stand alone device, WITH a data connection to my
    phone, the Gear S3 cannot locate me. "Location" on my Samsung Galaxy S7
    Edge phone has to be on in order for the Gear S3 to find my position.

    This would suggest to me that there is an issue with the GPS software or hardware within the watch itself.

    All functions work fine on my phone.

    Location on the watch is ON.
    GPS on the watch is ON.
    The connection between the watch and phone is working as I receive notifications, can make calls and so on. "

  17. I wonder if this problem is because these apps are 3rd party!? And my location works fine. But the find my car is a sad joke! I'm in the US by the way.

  18. Turning off bluetooth does work. I had bluetooth enabled and when trying to get a position fix using gps only, it would not find my location. turning off bluetooth and enabling gps only on watch fixes the problem.

  19. I have the same problem with my Frontier in Australia (not LTE).

    I have had no help in the reply I got from Customer Care, my call to Support phone service, and I even rang Samsung Australia's Head Office at least 20 times between Xams & New Year, but nobody answering the phone, (no business closed for holidays messages, and couldn't even leave a voice message for a call back).

    It appears this is an issue with units in AUS, USA & EU.

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