Is The Xbox One Still Breathing?


What is the verdict on the long-standing war between the Xbox One and PS4?
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Sony and Microsoft – two juggernauts in the business. Or maybe…David and Goliath? Find out in this video.

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  1. Tomatoes tomato's. . killer instinct, Ryse, Halo5, Forza, Titanfall and several others. . . thats why I bought my Xbox. . I cant stand the exclusives on PS4. . Hence, why I sold it. . but, to each their own

  2. I always felt Sony if you like SP games, Xbox if you were into multiplayer, Nintendo for families and party games.  PC for multiple kind of games and indie titles, care about FPS/Resolutions, don't mind technical issues, and you realize all games aren't going to run great on all PC's (aka stick with a desktop and more power <future proof>, know how to diagnose issues and you will have less of these problems).  I game on PS4/PS4 Pro/PC w/GTX1070.  On consoles other generations I gamed on the Playstation, PS2, PS3, Xbox, and Xbox 360 (this doesn't include many older consoles).  Always gamed on PC (since 1979), and this generation Xbox One just hasn't interested me yet.

  3. I'm primarily a PC gamer but also have an Xbox One with 201 games.

    The only reason i still have an Xbox is because I can't bear to part with all my games.

    I have been highly disappointed in Microsoft in the last 12 months because there is absolutely NOTHING worth playing exclusively on Xbox One

  4. Xbox one destroyed themselves with their atrocious pre-launch. Xbox One had all the buzz and momentum after 360 smashed the PS3 but they buried themselves with their insane policies and focusing on dumb shit like the kinnect and apps etc Sony knew they could capatalize on this and just tell the world that Playstation is focusing on gamers.

  5. There is a lot of opinion in this video with nothing to back it up. "slightly better subscription service" How? why is it better? List the reasons…Better exclusives? List them and why. If you are right then it shouldn't be too hard to spend or minute or two backing up your claims.

  6. When you compare the 2 in terms of exclusives and gaming and fuck the rest you can pretty much see that PS4 has the stronger lineup but even tho PS4 has more exclusives does not mean all those games are good.
    That being said the Xbox one has a lot of great games but a lot of the recent eclusives are play anywhere meaning you can pick them up on PC and this is VERY important esp if the next Halo gets released on PC aswell.
    the pro of this is that they get some bonus points with the PC community and boost their sales + the appeal for xbox gets even stronger when u can play the game u buy on PC on the console aswell and the saves are cross platform this i think will close the gap as why buy the new version of PS4 when you can buy the Xbox thats linked to big brother this made me switch to xbox from PS4 as i can use my xbox and PC in tandem

  7. Coming from a PC gamer i am very tempted to get a ps4. Their exclusives are freaking amazing! Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, and the biggest of all for me ~ Red Dead Redemption 2. Played the first RDR on ps3.

  8. From the PC Master Race, get a PC. Microsoft already has a pc streaming service for your xbox games, and Sony just announced it will have its own soon. No more new system every 3-4yrs.

  9. screw Microsoft.
    ditched xbox for the ps4.
    a lot happier.
    Microsoft is a shit company. they screwed me over several times

  10. I just recently bough the one s. it's ok. some nice games seem to be coming its way but mostly i wanted it due to xbox play anywhere. When I want to play more seriously i sit at my pc. when i want to relax I hit the couch and play the games on the xbox one.

  11. I'm a PC player. I own an Xbox 360 and rarely ever use it. I don't like the idea of exclusives because it only incentivizes game creators to make games on the currently dominating console because it simply has more players that can buy that game (PS4 currently doubling Xbox). If one company is already earning more money than the other in unit sales, they can pay more for exclusive titles effectively creating a monopoly and seriously damaging competition in the market. Console competition should be focused on the hardware and services that console can provide. The way I see it, every gamer deserves a chance at playing as many games as possible on whatever console they are able to afford. They shouldn't have to fork out another few hundred dollars just to play a game they really want. This isn't always possible but I'm tired of seeing fanboys everywhere that stick to their company of choice and defend their shady business practices.

  12. This is a horrible video, nice try, but poorly researched and has a strong Sony bias. Found it hilarious that you find PlayStation Now to be a "better subscription" then the competition. What the fuck is it competing with on March 20th? Xbox literally didn't have a subscription outside of Live, and PS+ is Sony's Live competitor lol. Now Xbox has that new game pass that completely obliterates the PS Now model, and it's still in Alpha.

    What the fuck is the deal with comparing Xbox sales to PS2 and 3DS in Japan? That's literally retarded man. The only competitor that's relevant is PS4, and Xbox isn't touching Sony in Japan , never has never will.

    You also failed to mention software adoption numbers, it's probably the thing that matters the most here. It's how many games sold per console. This is the numbers developers/publishers care about. It's the one thing that you left out, and it's the thing that can tell you the consoles real health. Good luck next time, keep working at it man.

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