Is the Moto X Style/ Pure Edition still worth it?


The short answer is YES

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  1. Good review! I ordered this from motomaker with couple of coupons for about 260USD with wood back. I guess they are clearing out inventory for Moto Z. I might upgrade to the Z in few months as I definitely prefer the AMOLED screen and fingerprint scanner. The speaker and battery mod are amazing. SD820 is a big leap over 808 in terms of graphics. But the X has stereo speakers and 3.5mm jack, better in hand feel. If the X works out well (and receives nougat) I might hold off till Z2 next year.

  2. yes it's still my current phone for a reason AND I'M ALWAYS CHANGING PHONES withing 4-6months. The reason being is because it's an extremely addicting phone, people really slept on this phone. Its speakers are still the best, the customization is awesome and the bezels is great and doesn't make it still easier to manage to handle. The gestures and moto display is also hard to get away from once you switch phones.

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