Is not it Time For Virtual Reality Video Games to Start Allowing Play Outside the Box?


We've all heard of the concept thinking outside the box, and often we associate video game designers and those who play such games as different, thus outside of the norms of society. But are they? Think if you will the fact that they play the games in a virtual world inside of a box, and those who program it, program the games one at a time. This is not thinking outside of the box at all really.

In fact, I would submit to you that only someone who has chosen (and it is a choice) not to think somewhere (outside of the game) and indeed limited themselves into a Plato Cave Allegory would continue to design video games in this way.

It is my contention that we need to redo video games and allow the player to play in the game, be a fan in the stands, the hotdog and pop seller, the coach, referee and then after the game get into their virtual car and drive home, or to the airport and fly a plane. Why stop the game with only one activity; slaying the dragon, racing an opponent, dog-fighting in the latest fighter jet or battling the urban jungle of Somalia?

Life does not work like that, so video games should allow people to move through life to be real or one with it right? And in doing this we can solve other issues associated with gaming or the virtual living room augmented reality (nearly indistinguishable VR) of the future. Now then, if you take AR and VR and merge them into a game which does not have to end, just because the activity is over or that game as supposedly ended, then you'll really have something.

Until then, I will be enjoying real life while everyone else plays with their boxes, balls, and joy sticks.

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