iPhone 7 Plus Review: Two Months Later


We have used the iPhone 7 Plus as our daily driver smartphone for the past two months and these are our thoughts of the device. How do you think Apple’s latest flagship smartphone stacks up to the competition?

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  1. Bro the headphone connector thing comes in the box it's the one with the lightning cable head on one side and the headphone concert or on the other side

  2. The iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black looks so sleek and sexy, I saw it in person at the Apple Store and actually had my hands on it, it felt so good and the home button is not even physical or pressy anymore but it felt nice when I touched the home button

  3. Ok so i currently have a Galaxy S6 should i wait for the S8 or just get the iPhone 7 Plus? Ive only had Galaxy Phones and never had an iPhone…Should i make the switch?

  4. Wrong about force touch. I love that you can pop in on photos in Instagram and on regular internet. Force touch is amazing

  5. I'm almost at my upgrade date for my 6s. The 7 plus looks great but I'm highly considering going to the pixel XL. I feel like the software hasn't changed drastically and I'm not to fond of the non mechanical home button.

  6. I have the iPhone 6splus and I love it. But I don't know if I should wait to get iPhone 7 plus now or just wait iphone8

  7. How do I do that my iPhone screen doesn't turn on each time that you get a notification when the phone is locked? I want to listen and see the notifications when I turn on the screen… Please help!!

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