iPad Screen


Most striking feature of Apple’s iPad is of course it’s screen because that’s all what the device basically is.

The Apple iPad features a 9.7 inch IPS touchscreen liquid crystal display with LED backlighting that has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a pixel density of 132 points per inch. The 13-inch MacBook Pro has pixel density of 113ppi. Relatively high pixel density means that text is sharp and easily readable. The touch panel is made by Chinese company called Wintek Corporation.

The screen is covered with a glass that is resistant against fingerprints and scratches. The iPad is designed to be used with bare fingers and it wont work if there is no electrical conductivity between the screen and user. Some special tools and gloves are available that work with iPad.

The iPad screen uses two sensors to control the screen. Ambient light sensor can adjust screen brightness automatically according to the ambient brightness. Accelerometer is used to sense iPad’s orientation and the screen is rotated accordingly. Applications can use any of the four orientations (horizontal-left, horizontal-right, vertical and vertical upside down) and the screen can be locked to a certain orientation to prevent accidental rotation.

The screen features very good colors and black levels. Photos and videos look vivid especially when the brightness is set to high. Text is sharp, easy to read and reading doesn’t strain eyes. Good viewing angles make it easy to share the screen with a bigger group around you when looking at photos or videos.

Wallpapers are another interesting feature. The iPad has a few default wallpapers that user can choose but basically any picture can be used as wallpaper. User can choose different wallpaper for home screen and for the lock screen. Best way to appreciate the iPad’s magnificent screen is to download beautiful wallpapers to it.

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