IOT//EDI (IoT + Startup Funding), 28 Sept, 2016


Topics covered included the increasing number of ways hardware entrepreneurs can fund their startups. From conventional approaches such as debt, grant and equity funding, to the less conventional, but increasingly popular option of (equity-free) crowdfunding. In addition to being highly complex, fund raising can also be one of the most stressful and mentally challenging processes endured by entrepreneurs. Being able to deal with constant rejection and criticism is unfortunately par for the course. This is why it is vital that startup entrepreneurs stay fit, healthy, and mentally resilient.

Hear a talk by Dr Benjaman Schogler (Skoog) about his fund raising journey so far, including a crowdfunding campaign, and a distribution deal with Apple!

Dr Patrycja Slawuta (Self Hackathon) is a psychologist who specialises in the complexity and non-linearity of the human psyche. Her scientific research has enabled her and the team of scientists and experts she works with, to hack, rewire and upgrade the minds of high performers around the world.

Both talks were followed by a panel Q&A with seasoned entrepreneurs, makers, and an angel investor.

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