Intel Announces The Technical Tendencies In 2011


Recently, Intel has published the new technical tendencies in the year of 2011, including the smart television; the sensing function of personal computer and Netbook. Firstly, Intel points out that many factories of television, digital-stop box and the other consumer electronics will enter the smart TV market in 2011. These products will drive the customer to use the smart television. Then, it is no doubt that the stable computer is the hottest device in 2011. Intel predicated that many tablet computer with different appearance and operating systems will be released. And the new mixed device, which integrates the advantage of netbook and tablet computer, will also come out in the end of 2011.

Next, the Netbook will add new functions, such as the HD and related drawing function. The wireless network is able to transmit the content to the television, so the sales of Netbook will be stable. What is more, the recovery of the economy will also stimulate the growth of Netbook's sales. Fourthly, the personal computer and some intelligent devices will have the sensing function, including the sensing computing. For example, the personal vacation assistant use the sensing functions to give the user some experience of tourism. These devices can find the best restaurant and scenic spot when he input his information.

The fifth is safety protection. The cloud computing and many network devices brings the new using model, which will change people's demand on the IT products. Safety is the most important element that TI industry should consider first. What is more, the customers will come back to their familiar brands when they decide to buy a new device. Sixth, the bounds between consumption and enterprise device are becoming more and more blurred. The iPhone and Android are brought into the corporations, because the bosses want to improve the working circumstance and productivity by this device. Integrated circuit related Friends The is 2SC4617TLR .

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