Information Technology: Is OnePlus about to screw over OnePlus 3 owners?


Information Technology | Is OnePlus about to screw over OnePlus 3 owners?

Information Technology | Over the past few months, there’s been a new iPhone and the first smartphone made by Google. So, now’s as good a time as ever to release a new smartphone, right?

That appears to be the thinking from OnePlus, which is gearing up to release a successor to this year’s OnePlus 3, a device that’s only five months young. From what we’ve heard, it’s actually not a direct sequel. Instead, consider the device, reportedly called OnePlus 3T, a “plus” model, one that’s more powerful and capable—and, reportedly, more expensive.

Rather than waiting until next summer to release a proper sequel, OnePlus is apparently planning to introduce a device with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 821 chip. There are a handful of smartphones that already offer the processor but the OnePlus 3T promises to offer the fastest experiences on the market.

When we reviewed the OnePlus 3 a few months back, we loved the device’s sleek design and clean software. And at just $399, it’s one of the best well-rounded phones you can buy. While it doesn’t sound like the OnePlus 3T will offer a drastically different experience, OnePlus is reportedly making a few key changes, including that new chip.

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