Infinite Looping Siri, Alexa and Google Home


One can barely see the iPhone’s screen. That’s because I have a privacy protection screen. Sorry, did not check the camera angle.

Learn how to create your own loop, why we put Cortana out of the loop, and how to train Siri to an artificial voice:

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  1. Can we some how calculate the total energy loss wasted on this video? Including the actual energy usage of this experiment, plus the combine average energy wasted per view of this video.

  2. I just had a funny thought , .In the near future people coming home to most of the house technology having conversations even right down to the fridge having a argument with the cooker about the time lol not to mentions the robots kicking the shit out of each other

  3. Infinite until the end of the day, still not worried about being ruled by robots but they sure can talk fast     beep

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